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Xamarin Mobile App - should work on Android and IOS - Prototype . no backend

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Application Type: Xamarin Cross Platform App - has to work both on Andorid and IOS

The app should be presentation app for about 300 different wineries and their products.

Some Similar Apps/Websites: not yet checked 

: with Google and Facebook
Push Notifications: for latest offers

Home Screen: Map of country(Austria) with the following filters:
* per region
* per type of wine: e.g. chardonnay, merlot, types have to be grouped (red, white, rose)
* per winery
* full text search

For the selected filter criteria a list of search result should be shown on the lower part of the home screen.
The search result should include every found winery as a tile with the following contents:
* name of the winery
* photo
* short description
* current offers
* matching products

After click on a a "winery" a detail screen should be shown with the following contents:
* Winery description, photos, location, rating
* Every winery can have n products, so a list of products should be shown (with short description)
* Every product has the following properties: Property : Example see below
Wine Name: Das Glück
Year: 2015
Rating: 1-5 stars
Wine Type: multiple possible - e.g. ME/BF/CS = Merlot/Blaufränkisch/Cabernet Sauvignon
Bottle Cap: enumeration (e.g. cork, plastic cap, screw cap)
Characteristics: sweet, complex, dry, blackberry
Price: 1 bottle / 6 bottles
Shopping Cart: add x bottles to cart, minimum order quantity: 6 bottles
* Shopping Cart:
It should be possible to combine the orders from different wineries in a single shopping cart.
On sending the shopping cart the admin gets the combined order and all wineries get the order details of their products.
The winery has to approve the receipt of the order and has to fill out a estimated delivery date. 
* Payment Processing: no payment in the app needed
* Multilingual Support: only German language needed/Prototype can be in English
* Winery section:
every winery has its own company access and can edit the following areas:
* description, photo
* listed products and product details

Designs: UI Designs are to be made / can be freely chosen
APIs Status: for the prototype it can be all dummy data in a single app in a SQLite DB - APIs will be developed seperately
Timeline: ASAP

Send a Proposal if you can do it and I will send a detailed Requirement Documents for further discussion if I shortlist your Proposal.