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WYSIWYG slides editor in JavaScript

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This is a dynamic page JavaScript editor that allows creating full page slides, like PowerPoint. Slides will have title, background, and floating boxes with their own background and text. The editor will add, navigate, and also filter slides by contained text (including image URLs). Slides will be presented as a list of titles or a grid of previews (think Google Docs home). It will edit a single project at a time, and has new/load/save/play options. Actual load and save functionality is not required, we will implement it later.

When editing a slide, the position and order of floating boxes can be customized by moving them around and dragging their corners, and will be relative to % width and height of page. A dialog will allow to define the box background URL (otherwise transparent), its position/size/repeat properties (CSS3), and the contained text with its formatting such as font, style and alignment (WYSIWYG text editor). Also it's possible to insert buttons in the text that will open a given slide when clicked, that is choosen in a dialog with the same functionality of the main slide browser (list/grid & filter).

It's possible to rearrange the order of slides dragging them in the main browser. When the user hits the Play option it will begin the slide presentation from the first slide. A top-right corner button will open a dialog to stop or continue. Also in slide edit mode, there is a play option to start from the current slide, for testing purposes.

Store the edited project in a structure we can save and load, we will implement this serialization.

You are free to use jQuery, but ask me first if you need another library.