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Writing a nonfiction preferred or fiction book for self publishing

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Urgent project -
I am a financial services / consulting professional worked for a bank and other MNC's, I need help in writing and want to self publish a book.

If you have an interesting idea for a non-fiction book, I am ready to listen, or I can share thoughts about program and management especially in an chaotic fast paced environments. The books can be on leadership, Management or any other professional help topic, specifically targeted to help people in specific industries.

I think it's easy to research and write on nonfiction topics that can help consultants and existing managers in software or the consulting industries; as compare to works of fiction that can be relateable.

I am interested in style of writing that's similar to the pace and content presented in Ted Talks (, You can see some sample Ted Books here - (

I don't want to limit the creativity of who ever is chosen to work as my partner and so I am open to your ideas as well.

I will appreciate if you could write 3-5 short paragraphs on any topic of your chose to show how engaging your writing can be. I want a tone of experience and a style that captures the readers interest, making them to engage with you.

We can make the book a fictional story but put in lessons for leaders and managers. I want you to seek inspiration from anyone and anything that inspired you and enhanced your experience. Experiences can be good or challenging, you should be able to put some such experience in writing and share.

One sample topic I can share is how to use influence and administer changes, when you do not have the direct authority over the people who you are managing.

There have been many situations where I have been deployed to manage global transformation initiatives, and change the ways companies operate, to make efficient processes, but the people that were supposed to work for the project did not report to me and most likely after the project got completed many of them would loose their jobs.

So it becomes a challenging task to get them motivated and help them complete their assigned tasks, so that company becomes better, but some may have to lose their existing roles.

Can you write something that can relate to this topic or any other ideas, that can form a small 200 -250 page book.

Reach out to me with your questions, ideas and samples and we can embark on this journey.