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Writing a book on one world religions 40000 words draft is ready

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Need author help to finish this book. It is an emergency. Thank you 
This is a
methodical hunt for the ancient secrets hidden and lost in the world religions,
which discovers a shocking reality of interreligious faith, and mesmerizing
science of the forgotten times. This untold divine knowledge possessed by very
few have later witnessed desertion from the history of mankind. The author
begins with a query on ancient secrets, “how were these inner circles of
believers formed? What did they intrigue? Why all religions maintained this
confidentiality as noted in the scriptures?” and explains the need for
non-discriminating analysis of religions and scriptures in order to recollect
the lost wisdom.


authenticate, the author presents numerous parallel verses, found across
religions; categorizing the material, spiritual, and scientific tenets within.
He will provide examples from each of the religious scriptures to help readers’
cognize the false notions of religious supremacy, and affirm the universality
of God. Though the book is not spiritually oriented, the author explores and
explains the interconnectedness of the material and spiritual realms.


The author
will then point out the mysterious inquiry of Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, and
Emerald Tablets of Thoth that penetrates through the earth to find God and
Heaven. He also refers to Hinduism, Christianity, Taoism, and Sikhism, which
substantiates the existence of God exactly in the globular center of the earth.


With respect
to the foregoing observations, “major religions have (1) kept the wisdom of God
as a secret (2) belief in the creator God (3) pictured God with similar acts
and attributions, (4) believed Him to be one and only, and (4) similar idea as
the Hermetic axiom says “as above so below,” identifies Him in the midst of the
world, and the upper realm. And hence the author interrogates the readers “then
what should we wait for to endorse a shared, comprehensive, coexisting
religious harmony, or to accept the one god of all?” and suggests that such
questions must occupy our inquisitive minds to pursue future studies to
exchange and imbibe different versions of spiritualism and mysticism.


Then the author narrates the brilliant ancient views of the existing world, perceiving
earth as a dome-shaped, two world halves, and earth floating on water, etc.,
which is absolutely acceptable by contemporary science. Finally, provides
scriptural evidence for calculating the measurement of the earth, and it's inner
cores, explain what exists in the midst of the material world, how the
mechanism of material generation and dissolution is simultaneously occurring at
one single point within the earth and such theories which modern science still
struggles to understand. By the end, the author will amuse the readers and
motivates to accept their own religion, a deep understanding, and approval of the reality in all religions, and to accept one God of all, beyond names, forms,
and religious dogmas.