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Writer with analytical skills to brief criminal and administrative law cases

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  1. We are a law firm that works with criminal and civil lawsuits related to administrative misconduct by public agents both as defense and as prosecuting assistants.
  2. We are looking for a collaborator to 1- Analyze investigations and procedures, briefing cases according to previously designated models; 2- Prepare petitions, according to designated models.
  3. Preferably, the collaborator will have a law degree and experience briefing cases. However, thats not mandatory, as our experience has shown that other writers can quickly learn to brief cases and produce good results when properly directed. 
  4. The legal cases are in Portuguese and refer to Brazilian law. However, in our experience, google translator can adequately solve this problem, since currently, the translations are of very high quality.
  5. If any passage is incomprehensible with the help of the tool, the employee must keep in touch to clarify
  6. We are looking for a collaborator who has enough autonomy to analyze the cases, because, although we are available at all times for communication and clarification of doubts, it must be someone who does not need constant guidance. The ability to analyze and synthesize is essential, must be a good writer, and willing to learn on-the-go.
  7. Although the cases are in Portuguese, knowledge of local laws is not a requirement, since models of similar situations with a legal solution already defined will follow every request, which will make it intuitive for the collaborator how to proceed with autonomy.
  8. The collaborator must write the reports and petitions in English or Spanish, the language of which they must be fluent writers, thus facilitating later translation into the idiom relevant to the case. 
  9. There will be a test with the cadidates. We will send you a simple case and ask you to brief it according to a model.