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Writer needed for 25 pages YA Crime mystery Thriller

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Do you enjoy Writing YA Crime Thrillers& Mystery
Stories?  Here Is the good opportunity
for you to work for a long time.

I am looking to hire 10 Awesome Story writers from U.S, U.K,
Canada, Australia, South Africa to.. write a YA crime Mystery Thriller story to
use it on my Blog.

I wanted to be done as quickly as possible ASAP. (Please
state how quickly you can do it?)
 I am looking for content similar to book like this:

I am only looking for unique content, that means nothing
that you turn in should be plagiarised or stolen from other sources. Especially
the book that that we mentioned above.

The link is only a reference to give you an Idea of what we
are looking for.

The story needs to be 25pages high quality entertainment
content. no Filler! no fluff! When Bidding, use "Set GO" so that
I  know that you have actually read the


Before you bid please be aware of the following:   
1. I require that *Every Single Sentence* of what you write
comes from your own creative mind… I own several software programs to check
line by line your content and will ONLY accept 110% original material.  


I will NOT accept nor will I pay for plagiarized content as
I do not condone that. Even if you simply borrow 1 sentence out of 25 pages...


EVERYTHING must be 100% unique and created by you and you
must be willing to sign a contract stating that YOU and only YOU created the
content. (I will require that you sign a notarized contract agreeing to
 2. I need these to be formatted of MS word Doc. 
3. I will own all rights to the finished product once you
are paid for it. That means I will own the byline rights, resale rights,
ownership rights, copyrights and everything else and will require that you sign
a contract agreeing to this as previously mentioned.
 4. Your written English must be 150% on target .
The finished project must be in: 
* Written in Times New Roman
 * 10 point Font and no more that 1/2 margin all the way
* No Double spacing.

* Finished report Must be a word document. 
* After completion of project you will separately text me
The summary of story in 1-2 paragraph, The overall story in 12-15 lines. So,
that we can refer summary of the content what you have covered in story while
verifying your content. 
* We own the copyrights of your content once the payment is
done to you.  
 Questions for freelancers:
 1. Have you ever written anything similar to YA?
 2.Do you have samples of your work?
 3. How many stories of 25-page can you write in a month? 
4.Can you able to work for a long time like one year and
so..? Please answer me honestly. I hate to have you  commit more that you write.
 We actually need Several of these stories. If you are
familiar with YA Mystery & Thrillers and your quality of work and price is
fare we would hire you for our ongoing 30 projects. 
I am looking to pay you Rs.5000 per story.