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WP Recipe Plugin Customizations

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we want to do a bunch of things semi-custom, around ingredients.
  1. Visually show ~ N Whatever after the weight and ingredient name, like 0.5 lb Tomato ~ 2 Tomatos
  2. Sometimes show a comment as a separate line, like "*For max flavor, don't use commercial taco spice, make your own below.
  3. Optional Ingredients - Green Chives or Green Onions.
If my idea is to have a semi-colon delimited list of items in the N

otes field to make it easy for my data entry people, and use the first character of each item (examples ~ and * above) to decide which type it is...Is there a WP construct for splitting them at render time?  Would that be a Function?

If there is a * string, we would like to insert a new line with that string below the ingredient, likely as a div with a class that we can customize via CSS.

And for appending the ~ [adjustable]2[/adjustable] tomatoes to the end of the ingredient, so that it looks like it's in the same field, but it's not?

And then rendering the Notes field minus these strings?  Another function?

I am looking for someone who can actually do something.  Show me that you have installed the free version of WP Recipemaker, please, and answer the questions.  Thanks.

Update : This is a simple PHP assignment now, because I know where the ingredients get rendered and can add $ingredient['name'] .= " test"; and see it on the frontend.