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Working with ads in your Facebook or Instagram feed

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You need to find
online casino applications in mobile advertising on Facebook or Instagram and
install them on your phone in order to record which brand will open in the
application and which push notifications come in this application.


requirement: less than 20 MB and less than 100,000 installations


What should you do:


Go to your
FACEBOOK or Instagram profile from your mobile phone and look for ads, you need
ads for online casino mobile applications (usually, these are ad creatives with
winnings, people's luck, slots, look here for examples
s / svkwzuw8mpmbtno / 36a4c4bc85a3b0fd84be7db172f8fa41% 20% 281% 29.mp4? dl = 0

As soon as you
find such an advertisement, turn on the Screen record and click on the

Go to the App
Store or Google Play clicking on the ads (depending on the platform of your
phone) - and look on the application page how much it is in MB. If the
application is more than 20 MB and has more than 100,000 installations - SKIP
IT and repeat all the actions until you find an application that is less than
20 MB and has less than 100k installations.

If you find such
an application, install it on your phone.

Next step: send us
the screen recording with a link to google drive. After that, if everything is
correct, you can proceed to task number 2.


When the task is
considered completed correctly:

You send a screen
recording that shows you have installed an application less than 20 mb and with
less than 100,000 installations, and that shows where the ONLINE casino is
located. It should be an online casino, not a social casino. And then we will
give you a second task with a higher pay. Until the task is confirmed - do not
delete the application you have installed!


How to make it
work to start showing you ads for casino applications?

Search for hashtags #onlinecasino #slots and thematic. Find posts with such
hashtags and like them. Also subscribe to several of them, then you can