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Work flow with SSO login and Platform setup

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Looking for the following setup:

1. Free SSO  Login Setup
2. Jenkins(A test project with pipeline configured)
3. Atlassian products setup
4. Private repository setup(Verdaccio)
5. A dashboard to see all the users and set up their roles in all the projects and software 

All the software request should be installed in team viewer or any desk environment only. Also, manual documentation required after once it is done. Please describe your approach to solve this with prior experience, no time pass. Please describe the process of execution and it helps us to immediately hire without wasting much of our times. 

We are stealth mode startup and we are looking for open source secured free software only. We do investigate before proceeding as the whole and sole of our enterprise. I believe you all agree and cooperate with this thought process.

There are many tasks coming down the line if the candidate is good. He will be retained for other tasks as the highest priority. Minimum of 3-6 months task is left. We are looking for designers, developers, and DevOps team.

Thank you and all the best