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Wordpress Woocommerce Subscription Website Creation.

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We want a wordpress website created using Woocommerce and Gutenberg ACF plugin. We will provide you with PSD for website. You have to create a website just like the PSD provided. We also need specific functionalities in the website for which you can use various paid plugin. 

This is all the functionality we need to cover with plugins and WooCommerce in general:

1) Payment methods: 2Checkout and PayPal

2) Discounts - There should be 2 types. Discounts should be manageable and can be set on all products or specific ones. Also, we should have an ability to have a master discount which should be applied site-wide without user interaction.

3) Affiliate plugin - an affiliate earns a commission for selling the product. He/She should have a dashboard to see the earnings and other reports.

4) Subscription/Recurring based payments.

5) After the payment user should be automatically registered inside the system (if a new user) and we need to send an email with credentials.

6) After the payment user should receive an email with download links inside (this link should be controlled as may be the subscription expired). We should have an option to edit email content.

7) When the payment received we should generate a license key for each product.

8) Users should be able to manage his/her license key -> activate/deactivate for the specific website.

9) We should have a master key as well when the user buys our bundle (28 extensions) at once.

10) Customer should be able to cancel his/her subscription, he should receive a confirmation email if the operation successful.

11) Customers should be able to generate an invoice.

12) If the subscription payment was canceled, user should be able to renew the payment manually.

13) User should be able to Upgrade his/her subscription. If the user bought single site license he/she should be able to upgrade to 5 or unlimited license plans.

14) If the user canceled subscription we should be able to send an email to (1 month before the end) remind about the expiration.

15) We need to remind(email) user one month before the subscription renewal.

16) Ability to create purchase manually. There may be cases when we need to give someone a product for free. In this case we need to be able to create manual payment.

Cost of paid plugins will be paid separately.