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WordPress website for the betting

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I need a WordPress website to be developed with the following features.
1. Challenges will vary most will be online games or like cricket match etc

2. This is how it works a person poses a wager say best out of three match for 10 dollars, this wager is posted and once someone accepts then they will arrange details of how and when to play. So they will both deposit 10 into an escrow account, and depending on the game for instance say it is cricket we will send out a referee to record and watch the match and if online we will get both players to record the match live and send it to our email to verify they have won. Once done the winner will be given the money from the escrow account.

3. payment will be accepted via bank transfer or card but it will go to the an escrow account which will hold money till a winner is decided and then deposited to them..

4. not as such but thing of it as a people per hour but for wages so a person will go onto the website and see all the wages either in their area or online and then select and decide the match, once a match has been made I will need to be notified to arrange it.

Any other questions let me know. Only serious developers no time waster who don't reply to the messages after sending proposal and all.

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