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Wordpress Website for a Recruiting Agency Small Startup

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Which Freelancers should apply:

  -  Everybody
from senior expert to young professionell is welcome. I think at
least 2 years of work experiance in the field of web design and with wordpress would be good.
Otherwise explain why you nevertheless can do it.

Professionals who can work with a tight budget because they are very efficient

Freelancers who have just a few or even no projects completed on but can prove their expertise in
wordpress through projects.

  -  I am new to Please provide me a
list with links of your previous projects if this is possible here. 


Around 100 dollar. Maybe more if you explain me why that would be good / necessary. It also depends much on what you
have to offer. It depends on your experiance with wordpress, the number of completed
projects, ratings and your additional skills. I will pay an proven Expert more
than a candidate with less experiance because the risk is lower with an expert.
But if the price is good the young professionell with less experiance can also be
the right freelancer for my project.

I am founding a recruitment agency. The core of the business is to place German IT specialists in German companies.

Intention of the website:
The website must only be available in German.

The website is aimed at the following target groups:
  -  Companies (customers)
  -  Candidates
  -  Future employees

Goals of the website:
1. Customers, candidates and future employees are primarily
contacted via telephone, e-mail and Xing / LinkedIn. The website should show on
closer research that we are a professional, trustworthy company and partner.
2. The Plattform should support Basic recuiting processes. All of the functions I need for these processes are supported by the template and plugins. Processes like:
  -  Apply for a job one the job board
  -  Data collection in a data base (Candidate Profile, Company Profile)
  -  Ability to upload CVs
  -  Import Jobs from Indeed

Contents of the website:
1. For companies:
  -  Description of our service for companies
  -  Benefits for companies working with us

  -  Description of our way of working in particular of the
recruitment process

2. For candidates:
  -  A Job board:
        -  The basic functionality will be provided by this wordpress template:
        -  Some more plugins (5-10) will be needed for additional functionality related to the recruiting business

  -  Description of our service for candidates, ie IT experts

  -  Benefits for candidates working with us

3. For future employees:

  -  Description of work for future employees (Account Manager)

4. Referral page

  -  Who recommends us to a colleague should be rewarded if
this colleague gets placed in a company by us. Here's an example of another company that might look like

5. Contact page

6. Imprint. Legal obligation for every German company.

Mention what the website is for. Nature of the business if it a Business website. What you intend to do with the help of this website.

Design Preferences:
I already decided which Wordpress template I will use. Link:
I will buy the template of course so in your calculation the costs for the template can be excluded.

Plugins / additional functionality:
I think I will need around 5 additional Plugins for more functionality to support the recruiting process. I have a list of plugins which will be necessary.
For the general Plugins for SEO, analytics, spam and security protection and so on I expect to get some professional advice / recommendations and explanations why I need them.
Static pages: I counted 11. Lets say between 10 and 15 pages
Preferred Customizations:
Maybe a slider