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Scope/user journey:
● To take a look and feel of what we want as a baseline,you should visit the
undermentioned theme and see the live preview first
● User should be able to upload images, tag them as relation (father, friend,
spouse etc) and enter name of the image (save should happen automatically,
edit feature should be there)
● Then he should be able to add tasks(think of a fully functional ,theme blended, to
do list). Every relation/image should have a to-do list associated with it ,which
should open as soon as you click on the image.(this image will get to the center
and the to do list will be displayed below it,see the baseline theme).Every task in
that to do list may have an attachment(attachment is optional) like an image
associated with a task thought through.Every task must have a deadline(date and
time), status/progress and priority (high, medium, Low) that can be set and
● Notification for the task completion to be set for required amount of days before
deadline (functionality to be provided to change the same from backend).Also
repeated reminders facility for required time to be provided
● Now whenever user opens up the website and logs in(log in using
,Google,Facebook or his email and password+ forgot password utility), he should
see the images only(see baseline theme), images would be like a slider and once
user clicks on image then the to do list(all the tasks associated with that
image/relation) be displayed as explained earlier. (See baseline theme for the
effect needed when you travel to other images - for eg the current to do list will
collapse and the new to do list associated with the new image clicked will spawn)
● Front page of the website should have login/forget password option( already
explained )

● Login to be made available via fb, google and registration should also be
allowed( already discussed)

● Wesbite should be responsive and accessible on mobile with same functionalities
as mentioned above( see baseline theme by accessing through mob