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WordPress Website Design for Software Company

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I'm searching for someone who can help me take my WordPress site to the next level. I will provide raw text content, information organization ideas, images, and some elements of branding like font and colors. Based on this input, I expect whomever I hire to use WordPress to help present the content in a well designed manner. A basic WordPress instance with minimal content is already set up.

Ultimately I would hope for a site similar in spirit to and My company is similar to those two - the focus is on data visualization and software development. The main purpose of the site is to market software development services and showcase work.

A static portfolio of work is one core element of this site. I would like this portfolio to be presented as a gallery of thumbnails, but I do not know which WordPress plugin or general approach is best for this task. This is one area I would seek input.

A dynamic ongoing blog is another core element of the site, so each post should present itself well.

The landing page should market the company's product and services, and also highlight recent blog posts.

Hoping to complete a first version by end of December 2019.