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Wordpress theme using GeneratePress

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One complete custom theme using GeneratePress (we have paid for pro version, if needed). The key is to have a site with a Google PageSpeed score of 90+ on Mobile. The site must be fast, so the theme needs to be streamlined with as few css and js files as possible.
The site should look similar across mobile, tablet, desktop. The only difference will be the width of the site. Max width should be 1024px.

 We are finalizing the images but the attached mockup is fairly accurate to the home page. We also need standard page/post/media/archive/category pages.

 The optional banner images on top and bottom of the page need to be enabled for all pages or only the home page or specific pages.

For example, should be able to have a top banner image only on the home page and a bottom banner image on all pages. This could be done using a widget and widget logic plugin (which supports enabling/disabling by page ID).

 Another functionality needed (not shown in this mockup below) is to be able to hide content in an accordion or faq manner. A plugin is fine as long as it doesn't slow the site down. Pure CSS is better if it doesn't mess with SEO. Would like to have H2 or H3s for the main parts of the accordion. ***NOTE: I've found a plugin for this.


Will provide the AI files which have the graphical elements.

Please give time and cost estimate.

***  check PDF also. and send me reply 
ACCORDION. I need now is a client contact (name/email) with whom you worked on a GeneratePress site, and a time-and-cost estimate of the project (preferably broken down into the different parts of the theme customization, top bar, logo, etc.).

Please include a REFERENCE (name/email) that is a client who you worked on a GeneratePress site for.***

 I've included another PDF showing an outline of what is needed and more description.

The point is to generate a good estimate of time (and cost) for each part of the project. Base these estimates on previous projects (rather than guessing).

- Top bar
- Logo
- Login/password
- Top banner
- Main content
- CSS or Block for displaying 12 items in 2, 3, 6 columns (mobile/tablet/desktop)
- Bottom banner (same as top banner)
- Footer menus
- Footer text
- Sticky footer buttons