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Wordpress Site Totally De-Ranked For A Year, Is There A Fix To This?

  • Posted at : 1 month ago
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Good day dear reader, thanks for checking this, I am an seo specialist myself and i dont know if you are better than me or not but i dont think what happened to our site ( can be fixed. The site was a huge hit between 2018/early 2019 always ranking first for every new post but all of a sudden overnight the search traffic dropped by 70% i have hired several seo experts and read several articles to fix whatever caused this rankings drop but it seems the site is doomed and nothing can bring it back. I mean even new accurate great and unique posts added dont even rank in top ten pages on google anymore, i mean if a title has never been posted or indexed on google before and i published it on my site after getting indexed it still wont be ranked by gooogle on the first page it would rather rank a page that has nothing to do with the title than rank my site with all the keywords in title on first page. So site seem to be condemned. We used to hit up to 40k daily unique visitors but now barely hit 2k daily visits. The most reasonable thing i finally agreed with was poor content, my ex employee writers used to copy contents from other websites for news and other article write ups which i think google bot automatically flagged domain as a scraped content website and thus the site is condemned to zero ranking. Also want to tell you something else check the screenshot below it shows total web search click as 85k clicks, it used to be over 900 thousand clicks but its fallen since march last near to 85k clicks now, and whenever i see that happens to a site i feel google has canceled the site permanently.
An idea came to my mind 2 days ago though, i thought to myself what if the whole site is rebranded all posts deleted and new sites and niche is launched on the domain maybe the google damnation will reverse, but of course its too big a gamble. what do you think can a domain get a total reset of its history if all content was deleted and new niche is started or do you think you can still fix the site to start ranking again? If you want the job you should give me reason to why you think this happened to the site and secondly how do you plan to fix it