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WordPress site Deep Clean and e-commerce revamp

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I am looking for up to 100 hours of support in revamping a Divi WordPress site.  It has been running for a few years, so needs a database cleaning.  Or maybe it needs to restart from scratch, more likely.  I am very open to suggestion.  There are some 30+ plugins in use on the site, the original designer is long gone, and nobody remembers what mamy of these things do, but many of them produce warnings that make us reluctant to upgrade WooCommerce.

Certainly, we could spend a lot of time with if we try to do a cleanup, as well as WP Reset.

We have the Staging option on Siteground, so that makes a cleanup more attractive.

We also want to rebuild the e-commerce product pages from using Gravity Forms on each page to using default WooCommerce functionality.

I am looking for the most qualified person that I can get, a developer, because some of the tasks will be complex, for example, if we do a cleaning, rather than start from scratch..

I need someone much more aggressive than passive.  If you are going to be very Indian, and sit and wait to be told precisely what to do, I don't need you.

If you want to propose, let me know whether you would do a cleaning or start from scratch, and how you would proceed.  One thing I want to know is how to leave the Media files OUT until the last minute, so that we an use good hosting and online backup tools, like the ones that make snapshots automatically before things happen.

I would like to start with a 20 hour trial.  Obviously, I don't WANT to switch, so if you are competent, you would get the other hours as well.