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WordPress Design, Site Maintenance, and PHP/Plugin Development

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I am looking for basic human competence in an agency or small team, which, to me means, a basic project management system, responsiveness and communication, in English, without me having to ask.

I want a group that can take responsibility and proactively look for design issues on my website(s), including staging, create tasks in my project management system, give them a code/group/priority, and say "We will fix the tasks listed as Priority 1 for $X in Y time".

When I want to customize a plugin, WP Recipemaker, which has a free version, I expect that the team will be able to review the code and documentation and give me a plan in short order. We have already done a lot of customization on the display of recipes, which you can see at where parts of the Notes field are being parsed and rearranged on the page., and I want to make sure those enhancements were according to best practice, and move that code if not.

There are several issues to be solved, like aggregating the nutrition from recipes in various ways. 
At we show a “roundup” feature with child recipes (the roundup shortcode) of crust, sauce, and cheese, and a parent recipe, the “pizza”, which is really just toppings, in this case the “Hawaiian” ones.  Currently, the nutrition on that page is only for the “pizza” - We want the nutrition aggregated across the roundup recipes (the “pizza” recipe plus the 3 base parts).

We also want to aggregate and average nutrition across meal plans, which could be week, month, etc.

As far as we can tell, the nutrition is stored in the postmeta table with a key of wprm_nutrition_* (calcium, calories, etc.).  The trick seems to be a hook of some kind that sees that a roundup page is being loaded, and aggregates the nutrition instead of showing only the nutrition for the "recipe".

It would be nice to have a single point of contact, which could even be a competent fresher.