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Manage woo commerce orders through plugin with GPS location tracker and additional features

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We're looking forward to create a more advanced method that will make managing orders simpler and easier, saving time and cost.
we want to spot the lights on (( developing order management and the delivery of goods )) 
Project Concepts

1. The final product should be useful to be used in ( any ) WC Site
- So we suggest that it should be in [ (WC Plugin) ] form 
- ( view the plugin as  a separated dashboard from the wc )

2. Generally there will be = 4 Main Users 
• A) Manager 
• B) Supervisor
• C) Driver
• C) Viewer

[ Each should have a specific access to the features = so each user will see different version depending on his role ]

3. We want WC plugin to add these features  

A•  Adding Custom phone number field with a country Validation On the checkout

- The purpose is [ To make sure that u can count on this field to use the correct number for ((whatsapp)) - and the default is [KWT/***"] 
+ in general the checkout fields ( digits/number) entries should converted to English for example.. customer enters [ - ۱ - ۲ - ۳ ] which is in Arabic it should be like this [ 1-2-3 ] ]

• Add location share function for the customer at the checkout with an easy way to pin his location as simple as a press of a button

• The [ WC plugin ] will have settings to configure variables like
- we need to do 2 calculations .. Formula is a variable
- Edit [Order status] names
- Whatsapp notification messages [content] per status 
- User access to features 


3. Order management 


•  It should guarantee that Orders are being updated instantly .. As if any change happened by any user .. it will instantly reflected for all users [ any new order, deleted order, modified order or ((any change in the order)) >> The order list will be updated for all users instantly

•  The dashboard will feature : A tools bar [ Use to take Actions ] and A Status Bar at the top to brief some important info like how many new/pending/unflagged orders
•  Add an easy way to create new order( from manager side )
[ suggest to have like a form with a search box to search for product name add products in a list .. and with Checkout fields in the same form .. Add can make custom discount and total ]

•  Viewing the order information will includes products, fees, totals and [ default / custom ] checkout fields + the location ( with a short link to jump into google map directly )

•  Select and [ flag/label ] the orders with different flags and the flag stick to the order unless unflag action is applied ..The flagged orders will be shown in driver (user) dashboard and he will be able to see only the orders that have been assigned to him

There will be 2 methods for flagging :
A. [[ Manual ]]  .. simply by selecting order and take flag actions
B. [[ Auto ]] .. conditional / depend on the chosen city [ city (A,B,C when choosed by the customer Assgin auto. to driver x) ] 

[ example for user role%  User Who can flag ?( Manager + Supervisor  ) ]

• Reporting actions

A. report of calculations for the selected orders showing the results in detail ( the calc. result and how many (cod) ords. how many (credit card) ords)
B. report to Calculate how many products are there for the selected orders. 
C. reports are saved to be reviewed later 

[ example for user role%  User Who can take this action ?( Manager + Supervisor  ) ]

•  Ability to edit the order (( in the same form that is used to carete a new order and mentioned before )) like adding or removing products and update the checkout fields information and changing payment method

[ example for user role%  User Who can edit ?( Manager  ) ]


4. Whatsapp Notification 

• Row color will change with every order status .. include new order and when order in opened

• customer will be notified with the order status through the whatsapp

• Whatsapp auto reply on specific messages

• Order status names will be editable and i can add more status with a custom message content per status on the setting 

• Examples for Message/Order Status

_ Order Status ( Received )
[ message ] your order has been received
[ Send an invoice / if possible the [ email style ] that usually sent to customer's email in form of photo or preview link ]
[ example for user role% ( Auto ) ]

_ Order Status (Preparing)
[ message ] your order is being prepared 
[ example for user role% User Who can choose this status ?( Manager + Supervisor + Driver )

_ Order Status ( Delivery Today / on the way / Delivered )
[ message ] on the way send live location
status changed to deliverd stop streaming
[ example for user role% User Who can choose this status ?( Manager + Supervisor + Driver )

_Order Status ( Pending ) 
[ message ] the order need more time .. some products are out of stock
[ example for user role% User Who can choose this status ?( Manager + Supervisor )

_ Order Status (Feedback)
[ message ] can u evaluate our service
[ example for user role% User Who can choose this status ?( Manager )


5. Additional Features + [ theme features ] 

•  Location Feature
[ GPS location tracker where manager can monitor drivers on the map ( live ) ]

•  We Make contest .. So we want to make a conditional draw using orders information like [ if u buy product x you'll enter the draw ] so [ all order with (( delivered Status )) and have (( product x )) will be in the draw ]