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Windows 10 Desktop App for Stock Prediction GeneticAlgo, SimulatedAnneal, TabuSearch

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You will take 2 open source codes and their  documentation. You will use the files to make a windows desktop app. I can give example of gui frontend for you to make for yourself. This app should be multithreaded and capable of using high levles of onboard memory 32gb or higher. Ideally you can activate the gpu cores on the nvidia card for use in computations.  You will make avialable all the unique features in the code available from drop down gui windows or toggles. For example filters, solvers,predictors  and estimators, etc. There will be at least two prefilters to narrow candidates. Then there will be 3 main optimizers/predicrtors and will have toggles to activate the one or more algorithims  if enduser desires to run multiple batch modes against thousands of symbols. Once again..this is a batch mode blue sceen of death, no program crashes or hangs. If error is found..log the error and continue down the data pathway. The program should be capable of stepwise optimization of thousands of symbols and be capable of using cpu threads and perhaps gpu threads. There shall be batch mode operations involved and ability to launch one or more solvers to get a report from each solver run. There will be an eloquent report of symbols and their  ranks based on multitimeframe predictions of daily weekly biweekly monthly and quarterly data. Note: i might require 10 to 15 timeframes prediction at this level.Y ou have to make script for data conversion into multitimeframes. I will give an example of ranked reporting module in excel. you can make your report in excel.
There should be a modular architecture and framework  ie.extensible modularity throughout the proram components so everything can be extended into the future. I may wish to add realtime feed later for addtional monies to you. I have large bundle of txt files to send you since it is mandatory your import my data files to make prediction with. This will include stocks, indexes, etfs and mutual funds.
abilitiy to use some python codes would be helpful in filtering  symbols.
Please please please do not bid on this project if you cant finish it . Please do your best professional works in making this project. the project should be completed within 14 days as deployable in windows 10. Please be advised:
1. This is an all or none project. No partial payments for source codes or something that doesnt work. I am paying only for a workable windows program that makes believeable results. I am not paying for a screencaptuer or a video or a demo on your desktop.
2.Excellent quality works is a must. Test units and screencaptures and communication during development is a must. No waiting until last couple of days of project to submit something only to find out we are not on the right track or not in agreement with what is being made.  plese communicate every other day at least with what is going on.
3. Please dont bid if you cant hang around for other phases or to extend the project.
4. you will be required to give an email address so i can transfer large stocks and fund files to  you. to the winning bidder the links to code and detailed description will be given. Only  c++ experts should apply for this job.  Deadline 2 weeks max.  codes to predictors will be given  to winning bidder...Thanks..ric