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Well versed front-end and back-end developer

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Uflo's mission is bold: To make learning enjoyable by building tools that empower both students and educators such as yourself. To realize this mission, for the past year our team has been building an interactive educational ecosystem, driven by AI, optimized for human learning. 

We at Uflo envision a world where students wake up excited to go to school. A world where learning new things is the new "Netflix & Chill". A world where we are unlocking humans’  true potential to innovate.

We will bring this vision into reality through our mission statements:

  • For Students: To make academic learning thrilling and enjoyable.
  • For Educators: To empower them with tools and data to visualize and iterate their lessons, making learning increasingly more efficient.
  • For Ourselves: To lead impactful, fulfilling lives.
To realize our vision we are currently in need of a talented developer who is well versed in both front-end and back-end programming About The Role:
  • You will be working  with CSS Grid and its advanced layout capabilities
  • You will be building complex animations using GSAP Green Sock. 
  • You will be working with ChartJS to build complex visualization libraries.
  • Cross-collaborate with product managers, designers and marketers in an autonomous, supportive team environment
  • To be successful, you’ll need real-world experience building and scaling web-based applications. We use scalable tooling and production methods to build and continuously integrate, test, and deploy a system used by customers in the field. 
  • You should know how to balance speed and genuine progress with rigorous engineering.
To learn more about the ground-breaking work we are doing visit our website:
and be sure to check out our Demo:
To apply for the position directly from our website: