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Website with booking feature and video chat/screen sharing technic

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I am looking for someone who is able to create a website with the following features:

- Booking timeslot for different persons
- Automatically generated emails
- video chat only from the person who is booked or possibility to sharing the screen of the person

Tom would like to make an appoitment for a session online. So he choose the timeslot he is prefering by the person whom he likes for example Bill after entering the key word which the person should have some experience.
After booking the timeslot with Bill. Both of them receiving an email with a confirmation of the timeslot and the information of the code to enter there private session.
Bill should be able to see the name of Tom that he is attending the session
They both dial in the meeting on the website with the given code. Tom can only talk or sharing some documents like picture, word file or other files.
Bill can talk and also has the possibility to share his screen or make a video chat.

Further information:
- in the background should it be possible to enter new persons to the list of session
- it should be possible to define the time slot in advance
- all the session will be recorded and stored for 24 hours
- the documents/pictures which were transfered during the session will be stored for 24 hours
- access to the recorded session will only be possible of the both participants and the admin of the site
- enter further key words to help finding the correct contact person, several key words should be possible to choose
- after entering the key word it should give different people to choose who are available during the choosen timeslot
- as admin it should be easy to get an overview about who was booked how much, getting the data of the people who were making an appointment and how many, what are the favourit timeslots and some several more details
- with booking the timeslot it should have the features that the people have pay an amount of money (can be activated from the admin)
- the admin can add more person as Bill (mentioned in the explanation)
- to getting the code you should enter surename, name, birthdate, phonenumber, emailadress, (payment detail should be possible to activate)
- the user site has to be in two languages (english and german - i wlll give you the translation to german after the english site is prepared)

All this application has to be uploaded after programming and testing to a defined site. As soon as uploaded a documentation should be hand over with all informaiton about the code and the structure of the tool. At the end it will be tested on the given website again. After finishing all these steps succesfully, the money will be transfered to you. 

Further details to the project can be discussed during our conversation in the workflow.