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Website Maintenance| PHP Laravel |UI Changes | Bugs Fix | Minor Changes | Improve Speed |

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I have a website which need some changes and bugs fixed
Bugs Fix

  1. Inquiry form (both list page and property page)
    1. Increase speed of Submit inquiry
    2. Send Google Map Location on Mobile
    3. Gif loading after submit
    4. Increase Speed of otp and password Otp
    5. Resent Otp Button
    6. User Mobile no. is not showing in sms to owner
    7. If user is already signup. Show Welcome Back Neeraj (Enter your Password)(Forget Password option Should be There)
  2. Home Page
    1. Mobile View search baar city is not showing
    2. Responsive Inquiry Form Button is hiding
    3. Limit the location to 5 (which location have max no. of property)
    4. In search dropdown show things in this order (City , Location , then hostel)
  1. Booking Page
    1. Remove Gst
    2. Do not ask for no. if user already login form
    3. Its asking another phone no. if it already user.
    4. Booking time :
    5. Pay Token Amount Button
    6. Coupon Code : - Amount on above the payment of Rs. 5000
    7. Thankyou page after loading
  2. Listpage
    1. Grid View owner mobile no. is showing
    2. Loading of list page is too high 
    3. Overlapping properties (make it more responsive and fit)
    4. Property Price : Starting From and mention / Per month or per year
    5. Collapse filter baar
  3. Property Page
    1. Booking Summary At side baar (Like Oyo)
    2. Enlarge Book Now & Get Contact Button
    3. Responsive Similar Hostel
    4. Enlarge hostel image on click
  4. Add Hostel
    1. Remove Paytm Option
    2. Do not create property without payment.
    3. Fix Payment issue in adding property.
    4. Thanks Page after completion property and redirect it to property page.

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