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Website Automated Testing Plan

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I need a technology stack to enable easy development and execution of Automated Test sequences on websites.

I would like to start with Gherkin, which is simple enough that anyone can write it.

Tests would be like
navigate to a page, verify no PHP warnings, no errors, that the page returns 200, that some specific word is found, etc.
navigate to shop page, select a product, select some option on the product page, add to cart, expected cart total should appear in the upper right of the menu.
Login as an Editor, and blah blah
Login as Subscriber, and blah blah
Navigate to donation page, and try to make a donation via a test credit card number, or via Paypal - Paypal screen should pop up, etc.

Basic Gherkin to RF is at

I have some experience with and two Udemy courses in Robot Framework, as well as some VPS hosting from which I could run the test scripts.  I am interested in Katalon, because it is very modern and they seem to be succeeding.  I suspect that RF is a good answer, but looking for expert input.