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Webinar how start a startup

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Brief: We are organizing a webinar about how to start a startup on 15 August  2020. In this webinar 8000+ SMEs, MSMEs, Startup, Employed, 16-30 age people highest should come.

  • You will be required to write and post daily on social media
  • I will be giving you the Titles and the focus keywords.
  • On this project, you have to pull people register and
    join webinar which is on 15 Aug 2020 
    about How to Start A startup in this webinar People between 16  to 35 age should more.

    This webinar for all types of Businessmen, Working
    Professional, Colleges students, Private or government
    School/colleges/University director, Head, principle, VC, again all type people
    between 16 to  35 age from India.

    The people who want to start a business our highest

    Minimum 10000+ people should join by your side.

    However, we have targeted corers of people to join.

    Why they will join?

    This webinar will focus on business on the current situation, which started and start will start a business, how they can become
    successful businessmen.
This is feature projects on the basis of your performance you will get the highest paying project.
Please bid now we will choose very soon candidates.