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Web Scrapping Application

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Pls look at what can do.
I am looking to build a similar application... which will have even more coverage than wachete. The project will be done in multiple phases.

Pls apply, only if:
- you are interested in a long term project - multiple phases
- you know how to commit to deadlines
- you have relevant experience, that you can SHOW 
- do not send generic spam proposals
- you are interested in becoming part of an awesome startup

Phase one is the following, send me your quotes, time required, relevant experience:
- Phase-1: does not have to be a web-application with a GUI like wachete. A command line is enough. 
- but it must work, on any website, without bugs
- Ask for a URL of any given website
- Ask if a login-id, pass is required
- Asks what part of the website is to be monitored for changes (do not need to scrap the full website. just the mentioned page)
- Asks if the a keyword is to be monitored, or if any change is to be reported, or only if a change to a selected web-element is to be reported
- The tool checks the mentioned web-page on a daily basis, if any change is identified then an alert is raised