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Web Portal for Registered Members of an Organization

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Design, build and deploy a complete, secure and scaleable end-to-end web platform solution for onboarding new members for organization.

The high-level flow will be as follows:
1. New applicant goes to portal and selects new registration
2. Enters all his details
3. Uploads his picture and a picture of his Aadhaar
4. Enters the details of the existing member who has referred him
5. Makes payment online through gateway or enters already paid Bank Challan/DD details and uploads picture of DD

6. Existing member receives an OTP, which he passes on to new member and new applicant enters in the portal to validate that the referral is correct.
7. Aadhar enable eKYC to digitally sign and submit

Verifier role:
8. Organization staff logs into portal with Verifier role, checks that application is complete, calls up the applicant and verifies all the details or makes edits as required
9. Then signs off the application as "verified"

President approval role:
10. Finally president logs in to the portal and sees verified application and clicks "approve"
11. This generates a membership certificate with relevant membership and folio numbers along with a unique QR code for verification

Admin dashboard showing metrics and ability to assign roles

In the future portal should allow other modules to be added such as transaction history of the members, their location, ect

Please provide details of technology (backend and front end, timeline). We prefer in MEAN/MERN Stack

Please read this in detail and only ask specific doubts.