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Web page, where user can scroll html pages like slideshow

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I have a few albums (like a simple books), all books having 400-500 html pages, every page is independent html file like 1.html, 2.html, 3.html like this. 
One album is One folder, all html pages are in this folder with image and css files.
Other folder is other album.
I need to make a website, home page is password protected.
I have 100 viewers, At back end I will create 100 sets of login IDs and passwords, and give one set to one viewer. So that he can see the album. I can delete a set of User ID and Password anytime, or I can add one more set of User id and password (If I get 101st user) .
User will open home page, he will enter login ID and Password. He will see the first page, first page will have list of all albums. when user click on a name of album, he will see the fixed and opaque (50% transparent) buttons for next page, previous page, search this album and go to page number.......
"next page" "previous page" buttons - If it is laptop he will see the buttons at right side and left side of page. If it is mobile he will see the buttons at top. position of button will be fixed and will not be moved with scrolling of page.
If user can click on button "next page" 2nd page will be opened, If user can click again on button "next page" 3rd page will be opened.

if you give links for first few pages, then I can set <a href> tags in HTML for next all pages. I know basic HTML.

Now third page is open, If user can click on button "previous page" 2nd page will be opened, If user can click again on button "previous page" 1st page will be opened.
with button "go to page" a text input field is given, when user write 50 in this field and press "search", 50th page will be opened.
Search button, it has a search text input field, if user write anything and press enter / search button, it will search in all pages of present album user is viewing.
Right click should be disabled.
Script may have html5 javasript jquery ajex pearl .net etc but not PHP