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Web based development of social tennis system

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Development of software for our tennis club. The software we currently use can be found at, please download and view the demo so you know what features it requires.
Unlike Double Happy, we would like the software to be browser based, hosted in the cloud.

The important part is that it matches players evenly based on the mix type, and rests players evenly throughout the day (so 1 player doesn't sit off multiple games whilst others play ever game)

info on the software features is copied below. please ensure you download and play around with the double happy software so you know what it does before placing your bid.
Schedule live on the day, or prepare your event in advance.

Flexible. Vary the type of doubles, change the number of courts, rest players, manually swap players assigned to each court. No shows, or late comers.

Easy to set up and quick and simple to use.

Social doubles events are typically run on one day or evening. You have a group of players who are usually of mixed ability. You have a number of courts available. Your mission is to organize play so that everyone gets several enjoyable games. Each game should be with different partners and against different opponents.

Sounds easy - but the truth can often be frustratingly different. It's tough enough keeping track of who has played with who, but even tougher to also balance the skill levels of all the players.

Run live - great when you're not sure who will turn up.

Add late comers as they arrive.

Rest players at their request, or flag them as Gone.

Change the number of courts as necessary.

Use the Countdown timer

Or Prepare your event in advance and just print the details of each Round.

Put players into groups. (number of groups must be editable and be able to label them eg Men A, Women B, junior, behind ect). This is how you can balance skill levels

Use any one of 5 different Mix types to assign the players to courts.

Drag and drop players from one court to another. Marvellous when you want to tweak things a little.

Change the Mix type from round to round. e.g. Play a Mixed doubles then a Straight doubles.

can handle unlimited players and unlimited courts.

Create a player master file and reload it for each event.

Long term we would like to be able to onsell the software to other tennis clubs via licensing and recurring fees on a profit share basis.

We would also like to expand the software in the future to include member management, use for competitions, use for various sports ect. So please keep this in mind