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We will provide you a store list and you will compose the store information and shopping tips for t

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We will provide you a store list and you will compose the store
information and shopping tips for these stores. You can find store
information and tips from the store's official website, Wikipedia and the
store's social media page like Facebook or Twitter. But you cannot
directly copy a whole paragraph from only one site, you need to
summarize and paraprase the information you found, make them
different from any information which can be found on Google.
3. Store name needs to appear at least once, and no more than 3
times in store info.
4. Store name needs to appear once and only once in Question and Answer
1. The information includes 2 parts: store information and shopping
1. Store information:is a brief introduction about the merchant
including the store history, product range, etc. Refers to some
basic information about the merchant. Based on its foundation
background (When, Who, Where), its area, business scope, hot
selling categories, and external evaluations (you cannot fill the
entire article with evaluations), the writers organize the content
and compose a brief introduction on the business. - [80-100
words (1 paragraph)]
1. Shopping tips (tips need to be written in Q & A form) :
are more like more information of the store, FAQ,
shipping & return policy, tips on how to save money. The
types of Tips can be referred to at the lower part of this
2. Shopping tips content requirements : Please select at least
4 questions from the given question types, and refer to the
store webpage information and the content of the coupon
site for rewriting--- [each one 45-150 words, totally more than
200 words]
one store for $10