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We need to predict the values through analysis.

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hat we need is a system that we predict from the ai statistics. This is a game every 5 minutes. The final goal of this project is to make accurate predictions through ai learning the sum of power balls and other balls. You have to get four values ​​exactly. Each of the four must accurately predict with an 85 percent probability. Powerball numbers can range from 0 to 9. 1.Here you need to know if the number of powerballs is odd or even. 2.You need to predict whether the number of Powerball is over or under based on 4.5 Sum of normal ball numbers, not power balls 3.Whether the sum of normal balls is odd or even 4. Whether the number of regular balls is over or under 72.5 In less than 85% we will cancel this project.This is the target site : The probability of this game is 50%. But you have to analyze a lot of results and predict 85% through ai learning and hit. Collect them all by date, and then predict future numbers and pair them with up and down holes of numbers. You must learn from the server as ai to show the results. similar site : We have to estimate the total of four values. The number of power balls is from 0 to 9. 1. Will the number of power balls in the next round be high at 4.5? We have to figure out whether it's low or even. 2. power balls also have to figure out whether it's odd or even. 3. When you add all the remaining five balls together, you must determine whether they are high or low on the 72.5 basis. 4. When you add all the remaining five balls together, you should be able to predict whether the sum is odd or even. ex site has everything from analysis to pattern. It also shows you the game. We want a predictable self-learning ai program, which should be at least 85-90% accurate. No design needed. After 20 days of testing, we can close the deal if the prediction rate is above 85-90%. all patterns are taken from exsite. Then automatically collect future patterns. You can interrupt the work by blocking ip on the example site, so all the records are brought to the server in advance by scraping. In addition, records are continuously taken from the target site. Analyze all records to increase your chances. You must apply ai learning skills. This program will continue to analyze it via the web, which will increase the chances of doing it by itself through cron etc. on the server.
check please

powerball game 
It starts a new game for 5 minutes.
This is a game similar to Megabol.
There are six balls in total.(One power ball and five number balls.)
The number of power balls is 0 to 9.
The number of regular balls is from 1 to 28.
A total of 4 values must be obtained.
1. Powerball over or under 4.5 criteria.
2. Powerball is odd or even.
3. numberball is total over or under 72.5 criteria.
4.  numberball is odd or even.
All four of these probabilities should be at least 80%.
This is a helpful address. There are several sites that analyze this game. There are three in total.
Each site has its own pros and cons.
There is a pattern analysis. And this is where you can see all the patterns that were in the past, when the values came out.
Then, the next possibility of even numbers is five in six minutes.
Other users on Powerball Game sites use a lot of 12 to 18 connections.
Other users, like this, refer to this site for seven years of pattern records to improve predictive accuracy.
This site is the only site that can change the pattern value. You cannot view other sites by changing their pattern values.
This site lets you view the probabilities of a specific time period.
This site shows the results of a particular round, for example, 218 of 288 games per day, for 7 days and 30 days.
This link also provides a detailed picture of how much it matches what was predicted over a specific period of time.