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We need real estate data to be reliably transferred from various online sources to a spreadsheet.

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This is a part-time role for a rising real estate startup based out of Silicon Valley in California. The company is scaling the business and needs part-time data-entry talent to build out its framework in reliably finding desirable “off-market” homes for high-end clients. Our data entry specialist will need to be detail-oriented, accurate, and timely with data transcription. He/she will be working remotely for upward to 3 hours a day (ideally 6-7 days a week).  

Job Responsibility:

  • Build database of new housing listings for team to review and show clients
  • Data Mining & Data Entry - find listings from various online sources and transfer pertinent data into spreadsheets in a timely manner
  • Support Supervisor/Manager to review work processes, identify and resolve process gaps through constructive feedback for continuous improvements where appropriate

  • Excellent communication skills in English (oral and written)
  • Proficient in Excel/Google Sheets
  • 4+ years experience in data entry/data mining
  • Strong attention to detail and consistent accuracy in work
  • Communicative, especially when issues arise
  • Enjoys process and repetition
  • Ability to complete assigned tasks and attends to all duties in an efficient and timely manner
  • Self-motivated individual with integrity, drive to achieve targets and possess good organizational skills
  • Willing to work up to 7 days a week - Hours are flexible depending on client/project needs - upward to 3 hours per day (works great for university students, part-time schedule)
  • Has own computer/laptop to work
  • Is reachable through instant messaging platform like WhatsApp

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