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We Need a Freelancer for Creating Mobile Skins and Mobile Case Images for Our New eCommerce Website

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Looking for a Freelancer with excellent knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, 2D Image Drawing, Image Editing.

Basic Idea About the website:

We are building a eCommerce website for Selling Mobile Skins and Mobile Cases.
Please go through the reference websites mentioned below to get a clear idea about our requirement :
[Product 1] Skins: 1.
[Product 2] Cases :

1. Our Website is a exact replica of 
2. The images we need in our website are the 2D images instead of 3D Renders used by dbrand.

Detailed Description About the Requirement : 

[Product 1] Skins :

- There are total 20 Different textures in Skins.
- As of today, the total number of phone models we have finalised is 15 Apple, 20 Samsung, 10 OnePlus, 10 Xiaomi, 6 Realme, 6 Huawei. TOTAL : 67 PHONE MODELS
- All Models will have two type of skin coverage ( FULL BACK WITH SIDE FRAME / GLASS BACK WITHOUT SIDE FRAME)
- Total number of images would be 67 X 20 = 1340
- For every phone model, camera skin to be provided separately (This will be a png file used to customize camera skin) [Please refer the attached images]

[Product 2] Cases :

- For Cases, there are total 7 Different textures.
- As of today, the total number of phone models we have finalized is 40.
- All Models will have : 1 Base Phone Image with Plain Case, 7 images with different Skin textures applied on base case image. Total 8 images per Phone Model. Total : 40 X 8 = 320 images.
- The Base Case photo will be clicked and shared by us, this is just for your reference, it has to be used to make a 2D graphic image of the case for respective phone model.
- The Individual Camera Skins (png files) provided should be usable for Customizing with Case too.
- Please refer the image for clear understanding.

PLEASE NOTE : Images attached is for reference only. The Phone Angle we want is different. We need 2D image.