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We need 2d animator to create our e-learning Video with following things

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We have developed an e-learning app regarding mobile technology (How to use smartphone effectively ex. How to use Online Transaction, How to use email, how to use Google map etc..).  Mobile app will cater to paid subscriber with 25 sessions with 60-90 minute each session. every week. 

For we need a freelancer animator to create videos over our script.

1. Story Boarding 
2. Creating 2d Motion Graphics 
3. Finding suitable images from net or creating new
4. Making video more effectively using created 2d motion graphics, images, text, transitions, effects etc.

Every session is expected with following time

Only Anchor (Physical on screen)                                                  -               3-5 minutes
Anchor with side images / video /animation overlapped                 -              5-10 minutes
Full Screen suitable Images with effects                                         -              40-50 minutes
2d motion graphics  (Multiple bytes - 5 sec to 1 min.. )                   -              4-5 minutes
Skills required / Terms---
* Animator must know marathi language as script is in marathi
* Animator can use dedicated software like AE, 3d Max etc.  or can use readymade tools like crazy animator, animaker etc.
* Animator is expected to complete one session per week. 
* Script, Anchor Video(with Chrorma ) and voice over will be provided..
* Find Sample Script (with Partially storyboarding and images to understand better)

For more details. contact me 
Vivek Kalaskar,
SmartWorks Learning, Pune.