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Want an android app for securing password

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I need an Android app which will have following features :-

Registration Phase:

The user has to set his textual password K of length L (4=L=8) characters, and choose one colour as his pass-colour from 8 colours assigned by the system. The remaining 7 colours not chosen by the user are his decoy-colours. And, the user has to register an e-mail address for re-enabling his disabled account. The registration phase should proceed in an environment free of shoulder surfing. The system stores the user’s textual password in the user’s entry in the password table, which should be encrypted by the system.

Login Phase:
The user requests to login the system, and the system displays a circle composed of 8 equally sized sectors. The colours of the arcs of the 8 sectors are different, and each sector is identified by the colour of its arc, e.g., the red sector is the sector of red arc. Initially, 16 characters are placed averagely and randomly among these sectors. All the displayed characters can be simultaneously rotated into either the adjacent sector clockwise by clicking the “clockwise” button once or the adjacent sector counter-clockwise by clicking the “anti-clockwise” button once

Basically I want app of the website shown in the attached video