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Vue.js expert needed for the development

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Laravel, VueJS, and Ant Design Developer NEEDED! Looking for a front-end and back-end developer to create a marketplace for my site. You must know VueJS for the frontend framework along with Ant Design for the CSS framework. The back-end is in Laravel. I need someone who understands professionalism and can do professional looking work. On top of that being the main project I will also need some work done to the main site. This will just be adding a few big and small features, and fixing some bugs. I also have some old features that was never finished on the site that I would like cleaned, and removed from the back-end and the database. Below I will list a few basic things you must be familiar with for this project. There will be 3 core parts to this project. The first being creating the marketplace from scratch. The second being making changes, and adding features to the main site. The third being back-end clean up. This will including removing old features that are no longer being used, database clean up and more. REQUIREMENTS - VueJS, Ant Design CSS, Laravel, MySQL - Google Adsense/Analytics for VueJS - Laravel structure like Views, Controller, Interfaces, Services, Models - Seeders - Custom Messaging system/chat - Integrating the website with Facebook to send Facebook notification. If you meet all of these requirements I'll message you a more detailed page with the ins and outs of the project as a whole.