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VTIger ISSABEL Integration to manage phone based service

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System already in place:
1) Issabel v4.0 installed on a dedicated server, with DINSTAR 4-Port 4G-LTE gateway configured as SIP Trunk. Extensions configured as required, and basic call routing configured.

2) vTiger CRM v7.0.1 installed on same server. The installation has been patched with the SalesPlatform vTiger Patch available on This has been done to make it work with the SalesPlatform asterisk vTiger connector which is running on the same system (Instructions were followed from As a result, incoming calls now show a call popup in vTiger, but it is very limited and non-customizable. Incoming calls are also logged in the PBXmanager module. Click to call works. SalesPlatform "Customizable Call Popups" module purchased and working.

Issues with the current system which need to be sorted out:
1) Outgoing calls from the system are not logged in vTiger. Only incoming calls are logged
2) Call recording works in ISSABEL, but the same recording is not accessible from vTiger (the call "Play" button in the call details does not play anything on being clicked in vTiger).
3) Call quality from incoming calls on the DINSTAR gateway is sometimes poor. Can it be improved?

Features which are required:

1) Conditional call routing should be possible in Issabel using some option set in vTiger. For example if an option like "Old Customer" is checked in vTiger in a contact, then the calls should get routed to one agent/extension, while if it is unckecked, then it should get routed to a different agent/extension.

2) When in incoming call comes, it should create a Ticket/Task in vTiger.  If the caller ID is already registered in vTiger, then the ticket/Task should be linked to that contact, else a new LEAD should be created. There should be an option of adding notes to that ticket/Task/Lead. There should be an option to set due date/priority/reminder to the ticket/Task.

3) EMail integration in vTiger is required. There should be an option to send emails to contacts, via their registered email id. If a contact sends an email, then that email should be logged/available in the contact details. A new incoming email should also create a task/ticket just like the one mentioned above for incoming calls. There should also be an option for bulk mailing.

4) Project management features: It should be possible to create a task, and change the status of the task (for example "Basic Discussion Done", "Waiting for payment", "Work Completed" etc). It should be possible to see all tasks in one place, sorted by due date/priority. "Kanban View" like the software "Trello" will be nice to have, if possible.

5) If possible, whatsapp integration.

6) DINSTAR gateway can send SMS via API (Tested working). Can a "send sms" feature be available in vTiger which uses this API to send an SMS?

7) There should be a possibility to mask the phone number from sales representative. They should have a "Call" button next to clients, which should work like normal click to call, but they should not be able to see phone numbers. Similar for new incoming calls. They should be able to see incoming calls ans save contacts, but not see the phone numbers.

8) How to isolate contacts between different agents, so that agents can only see contacts assigned to them.