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Voice based search engine in ieee

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An interface with a box that I appear by open the front camera of the laptop or any other camera, a box to write the topic of the lecture, a button to start the lecture and stop it. By click start it will start to convert any voice to text (in the back end), a box to have the search results in it.
Then I as an administrator can add specific words (un limit) that these words whatever comes after it will save it (example: if I add the word “important” and I said: “this is important iPhone 11 pro” its should capture the ((iPhone 11 pro)) ) from the text that was been saved. Then to take the topic that I added in the text box ( example “Apple” ) and the word that it has been capture and start search in IEEE website advanced search ( that what the word been capture will be in the first search with all metadata option and the topic will be in the another box in abstract search only and the results should less than 5 years from the present day (shown in the attached). Then it should be shown in the box of search results and then the results been archived in pdf format and start another search until click stop. Finally, they can save all results archived.
This should be ongoing search until click stop. I need to have all the details as its for my final project from coding and algorithms