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Visio VBA Layer Managing, Specific Application

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The purpose of my project is to automate layers and views in Visio using VBA & VBA macros. At this point in time I have created a template that is only using 4 layers.  I am needing VBA code that can be written to do the following:·      

Automate layer management, turn on & off specific layers.  
A listbox that lists all the frequencies and OTN, preferably via Excel spreadsheet so we can modify the naming convention of what is in the ListBox.  Coding requirements:

  • Bottom layer is always visible
  • If layer 1 = Visible, only layer 1 and bottom layer is visible
  • If layer 2  = Visible, BottomLayer = Visible, Nodes=Invisible, All other layers = Invisible
  • If layer 3 = Visible, layer 1 =Visible, BottomLayer=Visible, all other layers = invisble
  • Would like to use a ListBox to navigate between views/layers.
  • Want to use excel table to modify the name that is used in the ListBox
  • Would like to have as many as 48 different layer 2 types.  A different template with 96 layers as well, if possible.
  • Would like to have as many as 10 layer 3 types of layers.
  • ListBox is always on active layer
 I have a base template I can send you for your review.