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Virtual Chat Companion

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Estimated Hours - 3
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We Offer:

  • Stable Long Term Financial Opportunities
  • Additional Performance Incentive Rewards Program
  • Good Remote Working Environment
  • Merit-Based Manager Promotions ProgramTraining Program

Job Offer:

We are hiring the most open-minded people (#10 positions available) who want to try something new and who can make our clients feel special by willing to have explicit conversations with them.  You will have the ability to choose the level of interactions and other specific things that you would like to have with them.

Starter Rate - $4.00/HR + Incentive Rewards

Main Responsibilities:
The idea is for you to be a virtual companion, create virtual connections with our clients,  and be comfortable with any topic the client would like to talk about to entertain them.

We have two basic rules:
- Virtual companions will be interacting purely through texting, No phone calls or video calls involved (note: these will be explicit conversations, so you must be open-minded).
- Virtual companions will be chatting with clients anonymously, so nothing about their personal information or companions' information can be released.

**It is very important to us that you feel comfortable and 100% secure with this job offer, which is why we have very strict policies so that we can keep your confidentiality and personal information secure.**

If you apply for this job, please tell me you understand this is not a regular customer support job so we can consider your application. 

**Schedule: will vary depending on our client needs, if you wish to know more about it, wait for us to send you the next step of the process**

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • Good social skills
  • Perfect English (10/10)