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Virtual assistant Wordpress, Appdrag posting needed. $2/hour

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130 /Hr

Estimated Hours - 20
Skills Required

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Hi I need a VA who can help me on multiple tasks. I'm starting a brand new blog in the digital marketing niche.

I am working with a writer to provide the content for the blog, and now I'm looking for someone to help the blog "come to life".

The initial work needed is to get the blog setup using AppDrag (, linking our domain, and making the blog look good.

The second part of the project is to upload the articles and turn them into blog posts that "shine" and look really nice with images, graphs, etc..

The third part of the project is to help with ongoing promotions of the blog posts by doing SEO, amplifying the content through social media, etc.

Is this something that sounds interesting to you?

If so, please let me know which parts of the job you have experience with and which ones you don't.