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Virtual assistant USA ONLY

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I'm selling product on amazon sometimes my product get defective or customer broke the product and Amazon asks me to send it to local address in united state.

I need virtual assistant for handle to receive my product and check it and send it to address that I give, if the product gets defective it will send to China, and if the product still ok, it will send back to Amazon

This job really simple and flexible. You will receive 5-15 my reject product from Amazon in a month. What you have to do only to check it neither is have defect or not, and send it to address I will give you. 

if the product gets defect you will require to take picture for documentation and send the address that i will give you. if the product in good condition only to send it back to Amazon

The product just small lens attachment for smartphone. I gonna pay per product / action that you receive in a month 

usually, you will send product around per 2 months whether to Amazon( if product good) or to address that I will give you ( if product broke). This long-term work for 2-3 years

so what you gonna do is :
1. Packing and repacking
2. Documentation
3. Shipping 

Please tell me price per action/items you required