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Virtual Assistant Needed

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Business professional is seeking virtual assistant to assist with administrative tasks.
Duties would include creating forms, transcribing audio files, web research, preparing and editing correspondence, scheduling meetings, and other duties that are primary to virtual assistant jobs.

• Bachelor degree or above, will consider those without a degree who are very experienced in office administration
• Can adhere to confidentiality since you will be exposed to some intellectual properties
• Skilled in using MS Office Applications- Excel, Word, PowerPoint, some familiarity with Access but not critical- I am looking for someone who knows more than just data entry.
- Able to use Doodle meeting scheduler
• Can speak English, don’t have to be fluent but conversational
• Good written and spoken English grammar-which is critical for editing
-Can give construct feedback, i.e suggest how to rephrase and item or make suggestions as to a better option on an item.
• Good writing/typing skills
• Pay attention to detail
• Can do web research
• Fast Internet connection
• Can use Slack IM
• Ability to use cloud storage software such as Dropbox
• Respond to IM pings and chats in a timely manner—some projects will require quick turnaround and therefore quick response to my communique. I do consider time zone difference I don’t expect you to respond when you are asleep or at your full-time job in your time zone
• Able to use Skype,Zoom or TeamViewer if needed
• Quick learner with technology such as meeting scheduling apps, etc

This is a long-term assignment with opportunities for rate increases and bonuses.
Please note that you will be given several skills tests, so I can gauge your proficiency. The interview process will take some time because I believe in making sure that this is a good fit for both of us.

I am easy to work with and believe in human centered work environment therefore I believe in trying to make sure that my freelancers have a good working experience as I have a good experience and my customers have a good experience.

PLEASE NOTE: This platform does not allow me to give hourly ranges. This job hourly bid range is from $5 to $12 USD, you can bid above the ceiling rate. Will strongly consider those who bid above with proven track record of excellent VR. 

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