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Virtual assistant for data collection and research

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HI there,

I'm looking for someone who could collect some data and enter them in an excel spreadsheet for me. To be more precise, I need someone to collect specifications for many smartphone models and enter them in a spreadsheet. This is a very easy job as there are many websites that provides all the information that I need to collect.

For example, one of the website that I use to collect my specs is GSMArena ( 

It is a trustable website that pretty much gather all the information that I need to collect.

However, it also happens that sometimes, some of the specs that I need to collect are not available on GSMArena. In that case, I would need the person in charge to collect the specs to also do a little bit of research on other websites similar to GSMArena to try to collect the missing specs.

I've been doing that task myself for a while but I now need to focus on other parts of my business and don't have time to do it myself anymore. To give you an idea, it generally takes me a maximum of 20 mn to collect the specs for 1 phone model.

This should be a long term gig as if everything goes to plan, I will need to collect specs for many phones, years after years... So, the way it would work is that I would probably ask to collect specs for let's say 10, 20, 30 or more phone models at a time.

In terms of budget allocation, unfortunately at this stage I don't have a high budget for this. The way I see it is since it will be a permanent/long term gig, we should define a rate per phone model based on an hourly rate, not a rate per gig.
Since it takes maximum of 20 mn per phone model, that means that the person I will hire could do 3 phones/hour and I can pay an hourly rate of $ 2/hour.

Also, as this job is to collect smartphone specifications, it would definitely be a plus if the person I will hire is someone who understands technology and especially smartphone technologies.

Let me know if this is something that you would be interested in and maybe already has experience with. 

Lookin forward to hearing back from you.