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Virtual Accident Investigation Crash Lab using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

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One the areas of anticipated future development for the
transport safety investigation qualification is in the utilization of Augmented
and Virtual Reality technology to provide access to virtual accident sites as a
training tool. AR technologies could be used to re-create real aircraft/marine
and rail crash scenes, i.e., wreckage and surroundings, in a full-scale 3D
representation. This will enable investigators to transpose the accident scene
to a different environment without compromising accuracy of the data acquired
at the crash site. Investigators will then have a capability to access
realistic virtual models of the crash scenes at any time upon removing the
wreckage from the accident location. AR tools of crash scenes will allow for
the creation of a digital database for future reference to investigators
regardless of their physical location around the world, providing greater
flexibility for cooperative and collaborative investigation by experts from
different organizations and for use within the future crash labs to be
developed. By using drone footage
from the ATSB crash scenes, this data could
be input into AR/VR technology to recreate the site, offering a virtual tour
and ability to immerse in a real accident, without the dangers associated with
such an occurrence. This would allow interactive teaching activities and
assessments in a controller and safe environment. I'm looking for a person who understand this project description 

Skills Are:
 VR and AR 
 specialist in unreal and unity
Certified in MAYA and 3ds Max