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UX desk and mobile for this platform:

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My company did a new platform for guitar players; it allows you to listen to different guitar strings and choise the one you like. 

Concept: at the moment you can find any kind of product tested on the web, but not th guitar strings, to test a guitar string you need to buy and mount on your own guitar.

This platform allows you to listen to differetn guitar strings mounted on the same guitar, with the same audio chain, with the same guitar player: what changes it's just the strings. In this link:

you can find the audio engine of the platform (it works on Mozzilla and Chrome, not on safari), now we need to make a great UX design for that website and I would like to make it similar to a game, for desk and mobile. We need that people enjoy it and havea great experience when they listen to different strings, we need that they spend a lot of time on the website. From the link, go on "Acoustic strings", is the only active section at the moment. Basically we need a first page where there all the sections:

- Acoustic guitar

- classical guitar

- jazz guitar

- electric guitar

and in each section there will be the Player:

the Player is the most important thing to do, it has to be like game, people shall love to play it.

You will see also a spectrum analyzer that show you your current listening (green bars) and your previous listening (grey bars). In the bottom you also have a "loop bar" that allows you to select a shorter part of a track and listen to it, you have to moove the side bars and puch "set loop". As you can see there is not any graphic work or UX work at the moment, so we need a full service for this website, for desk and mobile. Are you the right person for this job?