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Using Bubble to build F&B website

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Using to build a website where
Dinning/take-away user at the restaurant scans the QR code for the e-menu.

  1. Display e-menu in picture (optional) and name of food.
  2. Order food from mobile.
  3. Leave text or voice message for remark e.g. no salt, less oil, no MSG etc.
  4. Restaurant informs user of the nos. of orders already placed before this order.
  5. User makes payment by PayNow (inter-bank transfer) or credit card.
  6. Receive a Queue #. Restaurant owner informs user via mobile (pop-up queue # or pop-up msg) that the food is ready for collection (self-service, talk-away)

Dinners who wish to place x hours (x-defined by restaurant) advanced booking, order food and make payment. When dinners arrived at the specific time, food will be ready.
Dinners at home who wish to place food delivery. Same as Uber Food.
A) Interface for Users:Enter current location or choose current GPS location.Display Google map of stores available on the mapDisplay images of food for Selection
B) Interface for Restaurant Owners:Create accountCreate/Update e-menuCreate QR code (image QR as well) to be printed. For stick on the table or door etc.View graphical charts on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly revenue, income, expenditure.Staff on duty record C) Interface for Admin (website owner)Track Restaurant owners/menuMonthly/Yearly subscription fee for the restaurant owners. 
D) Interface for Delivery PersonnelReal-time tracking of the location for Users to know the location and estimated arrival time.The usual features of Uber Food.

Coder will be assisted by templates to expedite the development process.