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Urgent - Supervisor - MSc Information Technology Dissertation

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I am looking for graduate of MSc Information Technology, to guide me and help me to find an interesting and excellent idea/topic for my MSc Information Technology Project.

I have over 20 years experience in Information Technology area as SAP BASIS Consultant, Database Administrator, DevOps and other subjects.

Although I have experience with coding, I am preferring to concentrate on my strengths, which are more related to SAP systems, Database systems and DevOps.

Due to the fact that I have knowledge with RDBMS databases such as MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase in addition to knowledge with SAP HANA (in-memory database) I prefer to concentrate on my strength and do a MSc project related to databases, for example, noSQL, newSQL, in-memory DB, etc)

Although I have a minimal experience with noSQL (Google FireBase) I sould like to focus on noSQL. However, other great idea related to Information Technology are welcome

I need to an "issue" or a research question for example, "A comparison between RDBMS and noSQL for > 10TB databases" , or a "professional" question like "Should Enterprise switch to noSQL?" or "Is there any correlation between organization's revenue and database increasing?".
Important! the project should be practical in addition to the theoretical part, with evidence and realistic scenario.

Please share your experience, let me know if you are REALLY able to guide me as a supervisor through this journey (from the Project Proposal stage until the final stage).

More details will be discussed on Skype or WhatsApp.

Thank you