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Urgent 3D Rhino Jewelry with Deadline June23rd 23:59 CET+1

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Experience Level: Expert
Estimated project duration: Deadline Before June 22nd. 23:59 CET+1
I have a designed a collection that is going to be 3D printed and produced soon, but I have re-designed and removed some styles from the collection to make it more cohesive and appealing. Therefore, I need help with making 3D models of the new designs, since my skills in rhino are not that developed.

Specifications of the job:

• The collection consists of 11 pieces. 3 are finished and attached to this job, so serve as a guideline to how the structure is meant to look.
• The 3 finished designs are no. 8, 10 and 11.
• I need 8 pieces to be drawn in rhino and handed back in rhino5 files.
• The 8 pieces needs to be in the same style as the 3 finished ones.
• Old versions of no. 1 and no. 5 has been attached as inspiration. They are named 1st draft no 1 and no 5
• Sketches and measurements are meant as a guideline, they are not SPECIFIC or PRECISE, so feel free to make more options or change thickness, dimensions etc.
• The collection is inspired by seedpods from the moringa tree (see moodboard picture bottom, left) and the designs are meant to feel natural and organic – not too “perfect”.
• I need all 3D models without stones, since I will add them later myself.

Files available here:!AmMS4v1AzXYTgZJ7uIg_OdQILcMUxw?e=4Lw2DA