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Upgrade current Mobile and Web App

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We have developed a mobile application and a web application which does the following.
1. Android Mobile App : is a scanner app which takes images of invoices , dewarps and contrasts them. If ok the mobile app contacts the web app and transfers the image to the Web App.
Requirement 1 : Is to upgrade the mobile app from 34 bit to 64 bit and use OpenCV library for scanning.
Requirement 2 : Post successful upgrade provide support to the code in production for issues found.
2. Web App : built in php this app interacts with a Machine learning engine , stores user and company information of the wanting to store those images. The Machine learning engine extracts the info. The web app then puts these extracted files in a folder and then transfers to a desktop application.
Requirement 1 : Integrate the upgraded mobile app to the current Web app
Requirement 2 : Upgrade the current app from php to python Django and React.Js or Angular.js
Requirement  3: Provide Continuos support for the applications
Budget : Android Upgrade : Rs 10000 one time
Budget : php integration : Rs 5000 one time
Budget : Python upgrade : Rs 30000 one time
Support : Both : Rs 10000 per month